Memory of azov egg

Memory of Azov Faberge Egg – Voyage of Nightmares

The Memory of Azov Faberge Egg The Memory of Azov original Faberge egg is one of the jeweled Easter eggs created under the supervision of Peter Carl Faberge for Tsar Alexander III.  It is one of the authentic Faberge eggs that doesn't have a complicated…

Red faberge egg with a faberge carriage

How Can You Identify Fabergé Jewelry?

All you need to know about Fabergé Jewelry While collectors and other jewelry enthusiasts can identify Fabergé pieces quickly enough. It's not such an easy task for the average person. Still, once you have adequate knowledge, it shouldn't be too hard for you to tell…

Danish Palaces Faberge Egg

Danish Palaces Faberge Egg, Pink Wonder of the World

Danish Palaces Faberge Egg The Danish Palaces egg is one of the 52 authentic Faberge eggs made for the Russian imperial royal family. Peter Carl Faberge the master jeweler designed the eggs. It is the sixth egg of the series. The history of this original…

Revolving Miniatures Faberge egg

Revolving Miniatures Faberge Egg – The Gift of Love

Revolving Miniatures Egg The Revolving Miniatures original Faberge egg is one of the 52 jeweled Easter eggs. Made for the Imperial Royal Family by Peter Carl Faberge.  The Revolving Miniatures, also known as the Rock Crystal egg. The egg was created for Empress Alexandra Feodorovna,…

golden lady presenting expensive faberge eggs

Top 10 Expensive Faberge Eggs that You Cannot Afford

Introduction of the Most Expensive Faberge Eggs on the Planet Faberge eggs are ornamented eggs that were made by Carl Faberge and his company for the Russian Imperial Family from 1885 to 1916. The family lost many of these eggs during the Russian Revolution in…

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