Collection of Russian Faberge eggs

Russian Faberge Eggs – The World’s Most Famous Eggs

The Unique Mystery behind the Russian Faberge Eggs Peter Carl Faberge is the creator of the famed Russian Faberge eggs. The 69 jeweled Easter eggs made for Russia’s elite back in 1883 to 1917. Known as the Russian Imperial Court’s official jeweler. He made the…

faberge crystal egg

Crystal’s Egg Mystery

The mix between Crystal and Faberge Imagine that it’s Easter day, and you’re getting ready to go on an Easter egg hunt. Except the eggs are made of precious gems, gold, and silver, and contain a ‘surprise’ worth millions. That probably gives you new motivation…

purple imperial faberge egg set replica

How to Distinguish Real Faberge Egg Compared to Replica?

The Faberge crystal egg has long been a work of art that’s both rich in history and in value. The original Faberge eggs were created by Peter Carl Faberge in his studios in Russia from 1885-1917. Faberge was already a renowned jewelry designer. When he…

surprise your spouse with the special gift for valentines day - Faberge set replica

Faberge Jewelry: The Perfect Gift for a Lady

With Valentine’s Day coming closer, many people are on the look-out for the perfect gift for their loved one. Even after knowing each other for a long time. Men and women alike have trouble finding the right gift. With so many options out there. There’s…

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