Faberge Museums That you Need Visit in Your Lifetime

Art, in all of its forms, has been an important part of every culture. It plays a big role in understanding history from a cultural and societal aspect. One such artistic piece of history is the Faberge egg. These eggs were created by Carl Faberge. An accomplished goldsmith who was employed in the royal family by the Russian Tsar Nicholas II. He created the many intricate and lavish eggs that the royal family would give to each other on Easter. These eggs are valuable in more ways than one due to their gemstones and rich history. Sound like something you want to check out? Here are the top 10 Faberge museums where you can see authentic Faberge eggs.

10. Faberge Museum – St. Petersburg, Russia

One of the best places to see an authentic gold plated Faberge egg. Is in the land of its origin, Russia! The St. Petersburg Faberge museum has a collection of many of these valuable eggs, including other works by Faberge. This museum also houses the first egg Faberge ever made, the Hen Egg. This egg was a gift from Tsar Nicholas II to his wife. It started the whole royal family tradition of giving Faberge’s eggs on Easter.

9. Hillwood Estate Museum and Gardens – Washington D.C.

There are many places in the U.S. that house different Faberge eggs. While you can’t expect to see one in a Faberge museum gift shop, you can view them at different exhibits. One such exhibit is in the Hillwood Estate Museum and Gardens in D.C. This is home to two Faberge eggs, including the Catherine the Great Easter Egg. This egg is simpler, yet equally splendid with its pink designs and gold and pearl accents.

8. Walters Art Museum – Baltimore, Maryland

Another great Faberge museum to check out in the U.S. is the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. Visitors can view the exquisite Rose Trellis Egg. Which was another gift from the Tsar to his wife. It is adorned with pink, green, and gold enamel made to look like roses, leaves, and vines. As well as with extra embellishments of tiny diamonds. The Walters Art Museum also has the Gatchina Palace Egg on display. Which is an ivory and enamel plated egg with pearl accents. It has a tiny gold replica of the Gatchina Palace on the inside.

7. Cleveland Museum of Art – Cleveland, Ohio

The Cleveland Museum of Art is another excellent option when you want to see Faberge’s works of art. This museum is located in the lively city of Cleveland. The museum has different creations of Faberge on display. From the famous eggs to other pieces of art. Like his replicas of a: tea set, turtle, candelabra, and many other items.

6. Houston Museum of Natural Science – Houston, Texas

At the Houston Museum of Natural Science, visitors can take a peek at the elegant Nobel Ice Egg. This egg brings all the chills of winters with it with its shiny silver enamel structure and platinum hand-carved snowflakes. This egg was actually inspired by another Faberge masterpiece known as the Winter Egg and remains equally as beautiful.

5. Peabody Essex Museum – Salem, Massachusetts 

This museum in Salem was home to many different Faberge works, including the Imperial Tsesarevich Easter Egg. This mostly gold Faberge egg has a purple background with intricate golden designs all around the egg. The Peabody Essex Museum actually borrowed the famous egg from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. So if you didn’t get to see it in Salem. You can always visit it in Virginia, where it’s permanently on display.

4. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts – Richmond, Virginia

Speaking of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. This museum is now the permanent home of the Tsesarevich Easter Egg and many other works. Visitors can view the gold Faberge egg known as the Peter the Great Egg. As well as the Imperial Red Cross Egg. With its gold and silver enamel design and its red cross in the center. It’s easy to see why this egg is known as the Imperial Red Cross egg. It was made to honor the efforts of certain royalty as members of the Red Cross Sisters of Mercy.

3. Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York, New York

This Faberge museum is located in the heart of New York and has lots of offer to Faberge lovers. You can view three different Faberge eggs. such as the Imperial Caucasus Egg, the Imperial Danish Palaces Egg, and the Imperial Napoleonic Egg. All of these eggs are made with precious gems that make them both historically and monetarily invaluable.

2. Faberge Museum – Baden-Baden, Germany

The Baden-Baden Museum in Germany is dedicated to displaying the works of Faberge. Here, visitors can see the Imperial Constellation Egg. Which is made up of nephrite, gold, diamonds, and blue glass to look like constellations.

1. Kremlin Armory – Moscow, Russia

The Kremlin Armory holds the title for having the largest collection of Faberge eggs in the world. With a total of 10 imperial eggs, there is a lot to see and take in at this museum. Items like the Clock Egg and green and gold studded Clover Egg keep Faberge lovers satisfied. And intrigued all at the same time.

How You can Get a Faberge Gold Egg

Being a Billionaire

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Watching from far away

Even if you were to visit one of the Faberge museums listed above. It’s impractical to spend hundreds of dollars on a ticket just to see something that you can’t even touch.


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    Thanks for the list of top museums with works by Faberge. The first Faberge egg, the Hen Egg, was given to Empress Maria by her husband Alexandra III. It was formerly in the Forbes collection before being returned to Russia. Her son, Nicholas II continued the tradition by giving both his wife and his mother an egg for Easter.

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