With Valentine’s Day coming closer, many people are on the look-out for the perfect gift for their loved one. Even after knowing each other for a long time. Men and women alike have trouble finding the right gift. With so many options out there. There’s no shortage of things to choose from, and unfortunately, the excessive amount makes it easier to get confused. The perfect gift doesn’t have to be expensive or particularly difficult to get a hold of. It should be unique in some way. If you still haven’t found the gift you’re looking for. You don’t have to worry for long because there’s a great option you can try. Faberge jewelry is perfect for the perfect lady in your life. 

What is Faberge Jewelry?

If you’ve never heard of Faberge jewelry or even of a Faberge egg replica. It’s only the best gift you can buy. Faberge jewelry is the creation of Peter Carl Fabergé. A famous jewelry designer in the times of the Czars of Russia. Faberge was commissioned to design a unique Easter gift for the Empress. He created the Faberge egg, a combination of precious jewels and intricate designs all around an egg. The empress loved it so much that she kept Faberge as the royal jeweler.

Slowly, more and more royal family members wanted the same and began gifting each other this sort of gifts. From there, Faberge’s designs became known outside of the palace, as well. His popularity continued to grow until the Russian empire was overthrown. Some of the eggs that he created were lost during the battles of the first world war. Most have been found and preserved over hundreds of years.

Though Faberge has long passed. His designs have lived on and have inspired jewelry and Faberge egg replicas that are still given as gifts today. Even though there’s no new art created by Faberge himself. Other painters and jewelry designers are taking inspiration from his eggs and other pieces alike until this day. Some of the eggs are still missing, but the love for Faberge’s creations remains the same over the years. If you’re still not convinced, here is what makes Faberge the perfect gift.

Different Types of Faberge Jewelry

One of the main reasons people want to buy Faberge jewelry is because of the variety in design. Whether the woman in your life likes wearable jewelry or intricate décor pieces, Faberge’s designs have you covered. There are several different types of Faberge jewelry. Including necklaces with a mini Faberge egg on them, Faberge pendants, and Faberge rings.

If you’re looking for something that she can place on a vanity or dresser. You can look into Faberge jewelry boxes, trinkets and replicas of the Faberge Imperial eggs. These eggs were the ones designed by Carl Faberge himself for the royal family. Those eggs are some of his most celebrated pieces of art. While they started off as being made exclusively for royalty. Eventually, they traveled down to civilians as well, which is how we know of them today.

Why do Women Love Faberge?

If you’ve never seen a Faberge egg replica or a piece of jewelry with the Faberge theme. You might be wondering what all of the hype is about. The thing is that women love Faberge’s work for several reasons. For starters, his Imperial Eggs are magnificent creations of history and art combined. The egg replicas represent that in a more affordable way.

Women love Faberge jewelry because it’s so unique from the other mainstream forms of jewelry and beautification on the market. How many times have you seen an intricately designed ring that’s in the shape of an egg? Probably never, and this rarity and uniqueness is what attracts women from all walks of life to Faberge’s jewelry. It makes Faberge the perfect gift for the perfect lady!

Where Can You Buy the Perfect Faberge Gift?


You might be wondering where you can get your hands on an authentic Faberge egg or piece of jewelry. Unfortunately, Faberge’s genuine work is classified as a world-historical piece and is kept in museums across the globe. Some of his Imperial Eggs have wound up in public art viewing galleries. While others were sold to private collectors for several millions of dollars. In short, you probably won’t be able to get a real Faberge egg unless you’re a billionaire.

The good news is that there are many different places you can purchase replicas of his work. If you want to see the real deal and also buy a model in one go. You should check out the different art museums around the US. As these places have one or two of the Imperial Eggs on display. There’s actually a museum in Russia dedicated to just these eggs, so that’s also a must-see for Faberge lovers. You can also buy a replica from the Faberge museum gift shops on the way out.


If you don’t want to travel to a gift shop. You can always purchase a Faberge-themed item from Amazon or other online retailers. There are many Faberge egg replicas on Amazon that are beautifully designed and affordably made. Several online Faberge design companies also have creative pieces of jewelry and other reproductions available for purchase.

All things considered, it’s much easier to just purchase a replica online. Than actually going to see the real deal in a museum. The main difference between an authentic Faberge egg and a model is the affordability. Most people don’t have money by the millions to secure a real Faberge product. Faberge replicas work just as well.

Whether you decide to buy a Faberge necklace or jewelry box. This unique and delicate gift is sure to make your loved one swoon.  Not only is it valuable for its historical representation. It remains a special piece of work in the world of art. It’s the perfect way to show someone you love them. Just as the Russian Czar did for his empress several hundreds of years ago.

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