easter pink eggs like the Rothschild faberge egg

Rothschild Faberge Egg – Peasants egg

Faberge eggs are some of the most important pieces of jewelry worldwide despite them being more than a hundred years old. The series of 50 Faberge eggs are popular due to how they look. How expensive they are, and how difficult it is to get them.…

royal crown

When Was the Last Fabergé Egg Made?

The House of Fabergé, run by a renowned jeweler called Peter Carl Fabergé in St. Petersburg, Russia, crafted Imperial Fabergé Eggs exclusively for Russian Tsars Nicholas II and Alexander III. These eggs were offered as Easter gifts to their mothers and wives. Compared to the Fabergé eggs made…

Collection of Russian Faberge eggs

Rosebud Fabergé Egg – Forecast of Tragedy

Fabergé eggs are iconic because of their beautiful designs and the symbolism attached to their creation. What eventually became a series of 50 jeweled Easter eggs (Rosebud Fabergé Egg was one of those eggs). First started as a single Easter gift from Tsar Alexander III…

Gold faberge hen beauty egg

Top 10 Cheapest Faberge Eggs That You Cannot Afford

You may have heard once or twice about Faberge eggs, you probably didn't imagined the connection between the words "cheapest Faberge eggs". These luxury items are regarded as some of the most beautiful items given as Easter gifts for Russian Tsars’ wives or mothers. Keep…

Basket of wild flowers

Basket of Flowers Fabergé Egg – Egg with no Master

Basket of Flowers Fabergé Egg Introduction Fabergé eggs have been subject of interest for many experts. The general public since they are beautiful items that hold great historical value. Asides from also being immensely expensive. The Basket of Flowers Fabergé Egg is one of the…

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