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Discover Queen Elizabeth’s Fabergé Eggs Collection

Who was Peter Carl Fabergé Before we move on to Queen Elizabeth’s Fabergé Eggs, let’s get to know better Peter Carl Fabergé. Peter Carl Fabergé established himself as the greatest Russian jeweler and goldsmith of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In 1885, he…

Lilies of the Valley Faberge egg

Lilies of the Valley Egg – From Flowers to Pearls

The story of the Lilies of the Valley Faberge egg Faberge eggs are beautiful pieces of art that many people still look for today. These eggs have left a profound mark on many different cultures around the world. That is why so many people wish…

Faberge royal crown - expensive

Top 10 Reasons That Make Real Faberge Eggs Expensive

Why Are Real Faberge Eggs So Expensive?  Although many don’t know them, original Faberge Eggs set the standards for modern and retro jewelry. These expensive Faberge egg jewelry type is extremely valuable, so read on to know why!  The first Real Faberge Egg to get to…

golden Coronation egg replica

Coronation Faberge Egg – Perfection of a Carriage

Faberge eggs are intricate and beautiful pieces of art. The most talented artisans have worked on Faberge eggs. Each egg was made to celebrate and remember an essential part of history. Also, they are costly to own, but many have now been relocated to the…

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100 Year Evolution of Jewelry Trends

Jewelry trends now aren’t the same as what they were some years ago, and you can see that by looking at what top fashion models and people using regular jewelry wore in the past. Noticing these changes as they happen is not easy, but we…

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