Why Are Real Faberge Eggs So Expensive? 

Although many don’t know them, original Faberge Eggs set the standards for modern and retro jewelry. These expensive Faberge egg jewelry type is extremely valuable, so read on to know why! 

The first Real Faberge Egg to get to the world was a gift to the Russian Tsar’s wife in 1885. Alexander III and his wife were delighted by the egg and asked its crafter to make about seventy more of them. 

Giving one Faberge Egg a year to his wife became a tradition to the Tsar. It was a tradition that he passed to his son. Authentic Faberge Eggs now cost millions of dollars. 

Here are 10 reasons why Faberge Eggs are so expensive:  

#1 There Are Less 60 Original Real Faberge Eggs Left 

As we mentioned before, the Tsar asked the House of Faberge to make about seventy more of those eggs when he saw the first one. Since some of them were lost and others are already in possession of other people. There are now about 60 Original Faberge Eggs left in the world. 

Many want these eggs for themselves, and the small number of them left makes their value rise to the skies. The fewer eggs that become available, the more expensive they get. So it’s not uncommon to see these eggs becoming more expensive over years. 

#2 They Are Embedded with Precious Metals 

Real Faberge Eggs design is flawless. You can see that the people who made them wanted the Tsar and his wife to like it. Therefore, they didn’t hold back on all the resources they wanted to use to make the egg look luxurious and worth of royalty possession. 

These eggs have the most expensive jewels, gemstones, and layers of precious metals available for the craftsmen who made them. Even if the eggs weren’t that expensive due to their rarity. They would still be thanks to the value that all its components have by themselves. 

#3 No One Can Create More 

Peter Carl Faberge made the first Real Faberge Eggs in 1885. He is dead now and can’t produce more of these eggs. Even if he could, the eggs whole purpose was to please the Tsar and his wife (the Russian royal family was butchered by communists 100 years ago). They invested a lot of money into them. What we are trying to say is that it’s unlikely for someone else to come and create eggs like the ones made decades ago.

Therefore, the eggs left in the world are the only ones to ever exist. Which makes them more valuable than several rare objects in museums. 

However, if you want one expensive Faberge Egg and don’t have the money to afford it, you can get a replica. 

#4 They Were a Gift for The Tsar’s Wife Herself 

This is related to the last thing we said since the eggs were a gift to the Tsar’s wife. Like it happens with many celebrities now, the previous owners of the eggs make it more valuable. 

Having a Faberge egg represents having a royal possession of your hands. Which logically, increases its price by a significant degree. 

Faberge crown
Royal Crown

#5 Finding Them Is Already Difficult 

Getting an expensive Faberge egg is already a difficult task due to its price. However, even if you got the money, you need to find the eggs. Most of them are stored at museums or in possession of private collectors.

Apart from that, the Faberge eggs we know are not the only ones out there. Many of them disappeared when the Tsar’s reign ended, so they are still missing. Nonetheless, most people think that they no longer exist. 

#6 Each Egg Is Different Than the Other 

Faberge eggs don’t work as a collection of eggs that look the same. All the eggs the Tsar asked the House of Faberge to make are different from each other and feature various materials and designs. 

Each egg has its own price and value, and they are studied individually. Being different from each other only increases the eggs’ collective value.

#7 People See Them as a Work of Art 

As you could see by reading this list, some factors apart from their design or materials make Faberge Eggs expensive. One of them is people often see them as a work of art more than a normal egg or a gift.

We don’t mean people use them as mere decorations. Experts compare them to the most virtuous forms of artistic expressions in history. 

#8 They Set the Standards for Modern Jewelry 

Many jewelry companies overseas saw in Faberge Eggs a new style to work with. you could see that in how much it influenced jewelry trends in its time. In a way, we owe the type of jewelry we use to these eggs, and that gives them more value. 

#9 It’s Connected to Russian History 

Historians and people learning about Russian history know what Faberge Eggs are. What many people see as merely luxurious eggs is proof of how wealthy was the crown and how much they were willing to invest in a gift. 

Faberge Eggs are something to study when learning more about Russian history. 

#10 Investment Value 

Remember we mentioned Faberge’s eggs’ value increases over time? That still happens nowadays, so their investment value is over the top. Someone who bought an expensive Faberge Egg for millions of dollars. Could then sell it or bid it and earn way more than they spent in the first place. 

Thanks to these eggs and how popular they became worldwide. The House of Faberge turned into one of the largest jewelry producers in the world, and it still owns that title. 


We understand you may want one of these eggs after reading that much about them. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend your life’s fortune on one of these eggs or spend a lifetime looking for them.

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