All you need to know about Fabergé Jewelry

While collectors and other jewelry enthusiasts can identify Fabergé pieces quickly enough. It’s not such an easy task for the average person. Still, once you have adequate knowledge, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to tell what it is you are looking at.

As you read on, you can expect to learn more about these high-quality pieces that continue to pique the interest of many around the world.

What Is Fabergé Jewelry?

This category is a blanket term given to a group of jewelry pieces. Jewelry that gets tremendous recognition for their incredible value and beautifully unique aesthetic. The enameling techniques used in designing many of these treasures stand out as one of its defining features. 

While some jewelry designers have a single trademark style in this regard. Over 145 unique shades of enameling fall under the Fabergé umbrella. The design choices are always mind-blowing. For example, the brand features various designs that sit on the surfaces of different precious metals. That’s not all, as some of the richest layers of glass enamel you can imagine cover them.

One of the most impressive feats to ever grace the world comes under the Fabergé umbrella. It features enameling en ronde bosse (a term that translates to “in the round”). It’s hard to capture how difficult this is with words. The results manifest in the form of Fabergé egg jewelry.

History of Fabergé Jewelry

The name Fabergé wasn’t always the brand name that you may see and hear of today. It’s origins date back to 1842, which is the year that saw the founding of the legendary House of Fabergé. Gustave Faberge was the founder, and the phenomenon took place in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He used Fabergé as the accented name. Which explains the naming convention of today.

His sons and grandsons carried on the legendary work and ran his business up until 1918. At this point, the Bolsheviks nationalized it. Even all those years ago, people found themselves amazed at the beautiful and unique pieces Fabergé created. As there was nothing quite like them.

Fabergé’s trademark jewelry pieces included Fabergé eggs, as well as many other awe-inspiring pieces. Russian Tsars owned the eggs, and to say that they found themselves satisfied would be a grave understatement given how impressive the creations were.

The brand saw numerous transformative phases. As it transitioned into one that offered other items to customers, such as clothing and cologne. Jewelry even found itself axed from the brand’s offerings at one point. While some of these items, such as Brut cologne, were wildly successful, the brand’s identity changed considerably.

After changing hands several more times. Jewelry eventually found its way back into the phenomenal Fabergé catalog. Of course, such a great brand couldn’t exist without imitations, and you can find these in spades.

Faberge Jewelry Types

So, what kinds of jewelry should one expect to see under the Fabergé name? The entries below illustrate the brand’s style and design diversity.

Fabergé Eggs

Of course, there’s no mentioning the catalog without referencing the eggs. For many, these designs stand head and shoulders above the rest. Some people don’t even realize that other items exist in the collection. When you get to drink in the fantastic jeweled enamel eggs. The appeal becomes clear instantaneously.

Fabergé Jewelry Boxes

While these don’t necessarily count as jewelry, you can’t deny the appeal of a Fabergé jewelry box. One of the most impressive examples was the three-color imperial presentation snuff box.

Imperial snuff box

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Fabergé Brooches

Fabergé could make just about anything elegant and stylish. Brooches come under that category. One of the most creative designs was an enamel gold brooch that featured the shape of a ladybug.

Fabergé Pendants

As you can expect from any notable jewelry creator. The catalog features several standout pendants that also brought a breath of fresh air to the table. One of the best examples is a diamond and platinum egg pendant. The design has a simple yet elegant feel. You can see the immense sense of value through observation alone.

Random Fabergé Works

The items that fall under this category are a little harder to label because of their eccentric nature. You see, Fabergé was always very good at taking just about any object you can imagine and turn it into an artistic masterpiece of sorts.

The work masters prided themselves on using goldsmithing, enameling, and stone-setting to enhance everyday objects. You wouldn’t believe how beautiful a mantel clock or even a cigarette case can become until you see Fabergé’s spin on it.

Red faberge egg with a faberge carriage
Blue Faberge Replica Carriage

Recognizing Fabergé Jewelry

As you can tell, these pieces are phenomenal, and therefore, Fabergé jewelry prices can often be so high. Some of the older pieces fetch sums that border on unbelievable. For example, the Rothschild Egg of 1902 sold for $17,867,602 in 2007. Fabergé jewelry for sale to the general public is nothing so outrageous, but you get the idea.

The brand’s appeal is timeless, as both past and present enthusiasts can’t resist the brand’s unique charm. If you have the desire to gift yourself Fabergé pieces. You need to know how to recognize them. Here are a few things to look out for:

Familiarize Yourself with Originals

You can visit locations, such as the Hillwood Museum, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and the Cleveland Museum of Art, to get a feel for what the designs should look like. We made a Top 10 list of Faberge Museums a few years ago that you can check out right here.

One of a Kind

When you find a real Fabergé piece, it has a family resemblance. Which tends to reveal itself in subtle elegance and perfection. You usually find that the pieces feature immense detail too.

Choose a Reputable Dealer

The chances are that a dealer who has a stellar reputation is more likely to provide you with real Fabergé products. So be aware at all times and put your trust with dealers that proved themselves in the past.

Look for the Hallmarks

The Fabergé hallmarks are immensely popular. Familiarize yourself with them and compare them to the ones on the pieces.

Do you have an eye and desire for top-tier jewelry? If so, we implore you to visit our Faberge Replica Store and browse our catalog of enchanting pieces.

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